How To Avoid Visible Panty Lines

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2HootHoot says:

isnt that kinda unsanitary if you dont wear underwear under your clothes?

Dubbersoul says:

You won’t die if your panties show! Not the end of the world, girls…BTW – would you rather have your panties or your ass show?

latinman781 says:

why avoid panty lines, they are great!!!!

Emily Roth says:


Xetenor says:

Ladies, we want you to follow step 6. Just don’t wear any underwear.

SailorWolfFang says:

did they just suggest not wearing underwear?

spazzinmonkey says:

Step six can be gross… What if your on your period. and having a pad or tampon without underwear is just plain AWKWARD.

amercangirlcrazy562 says:

hah my freinds birthday is on august7th. im telling her that tomorrow

JR0d2002 says:

How to avoid panty lines. Don’t wear panties. OMG GENIUS!!! Smh

DinoCanTALKxD says:

We once saw our subsitute’s panty liner….it was hilarious.

Jaret Garcia says:

my birthdays august 7th. . .

CustoopMoon says:

I just shaved my ass, so this means a lot to me.

10mathew1 says:

no….panty line seems good, no need 4 this video

yellapantulahr says:

last option is excellent !! NUW that is
“No Underwear”

Arz2003 says:

It’s no use guys can tell specially me can tell wat type of panty you will be wearing today :)

1998JR says:

They might as well not wear underwear shheshh


Men like VPL, nipple shows, upskirts and downblouses….its what attracts men to women. Women are insane!

Jess G says:

0:52 – i like that underwear best

ThePlanetchild says:

hang on, she realized her pants were showing, so to avoid any embarrasment, she runs down the street clutching her butt?!?!

subzeroscars582 says:

i like step 2. i wear thongs.

thtzwatshesaid27 says:

im sorry did you just tell me to pull a britney and wear no Draws?
No thanks.

rexy12356 says:

step 6 WTF!! you’ll get yeast infection

TooMuchGass says:

Underwear that you neither cant see nor feel, is called anti-underwear.

tjruler102 says:

i think panty lines are sexy

Tanyamomin786 says:

she’s running like that in public?

Mxteries says:

This video is most popular with:
Male 45-54
Male 35-44
Male 55-64

WolfmanDan2012 says:

Rule #6 FTW

hobo12381 says:

a boys fav option none whatsoever lol

rambo321 says:


Huttdawg100 says:

well, some times…. when I’m bored

Huttdawg100 says:

I’m a man, and I don’t wear panties

Syd Ruth says:

Ok not wearing underwear at all is just plain gross

jamesf117 says:

I’d say go with step 6

markolovesjulie says:

Whats wrong with wearing no underwear with jeans?

spunkygen49 says:

That’s gross! What if i get my Period? What would happen?!!!!!!

TheJhyaap says:

dont wear panties

TheJhyaap says:

dont wear panties

trfrace says:

Male 45-54
Male 35-44
Male 55-64
why are those the most popular age for this video

zaria5f says:

Online Russian girls waiting for you

minifruit90 says:

1:15. Seriously wtf? Not wearing knickers/pants while wearing JEANS i mean come on!

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